Why you should rethink saying "Business as Usual"

I get it.

We are all so worried.

About our families, friends, communities and our businesses.

We want our clients to know we are here for them if they need it. We want them to see us as the trustworthy, strong and infallible legal services we have always been.

But we need to take a step back from our businesses, and think deeply about the psychological impacts of what is occurring. These impacts are very real, and very normal.

There will be time to reassure our clients that they can still rely on us in the same way that they have always done.

Yes, our clients need us.

But the world isn't Usual. Even if our business is.

Right now, our clients need authenticity, empathy and validation. Not the appearance of strength.

What your business needs is innovation, vulnerability and kindness.

Take care all.

Don't forget to reach out if you need.



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